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Reporting A Fault

hive will deal with any maintenance issues you have with your property. Should you need to contact them, simply use the contact details above. For any maintenance issues with your property please call hive on 0113 224 4610


How to report maintenance issues

  • Contact hive on the contact details below and give us as much information as possible regarding the problem. We will allocate the job on a priority basis and will update you by either e-mail or text message to confirm the job has been booked in.
  • Your property agent will provide us with a set of your keys so you do not need to be present if it is not convenient.

Out of Hours Emergency Maintenance

If you have an emergency maintenance issue outside of office hours, please call us on 0113 224 4610. Your call will divert through to our out of hours emergency company who will deal with your request. (Please make sure it is an emergency before calling or you may be charged for this service).


Once a job has been reported it will be assessed and completed in order of priority, this is explained below in more detail:

Priority 1

We will visit the property within 24 hours. The maintenance issue makes the property uninhabitable e.g. a collapsed roof, major leak or flood damage.

Priority 2

We will visit the property within 5 days e.g. broken appliance or dripping tap.

Priority 3

We will visit the property within 28 days e.g. re-decoration or broken furniture.


We are interested in gaining your feedback and may send you questionnaires during your tenancy, please complete and return these to help us improve our service.